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On this President’s Day, we look to you

Somewhere there is a child watching Hidden Figures and somewhere a child is watching reality TV that celebrates the worst in human behavior. What is the bar you have set for yourself, your children, your country? Who we will be as a country equals the love, communication, and respect we have for each other. Who we will be as a country equals the schools that teach our children, and the commitment we have to keep educating ourselves after we graduate. It is time, America, for all of us to show up with a newfound conviction for greatness.  Continue reading

First Press Conference of President-Elect Donald Trump: what are your thoughts?

What did you guys think about the Press Conference held this morning by President-Elect Donald Trump? Fake News, Russia, Obamacare, Conflicts of Interests, Questions he dodged, is he Gaslightining us? Tell us what... Continue reading

"I" vs "We"

An organization, almost by definition, has more than one person. A key goal for leaders in any organization is to keep people inspired. No matter what kind of organization, inspiration means retention. There are plenty of ways that we can inspi... Continue reading

Some Tips To Stay Safe Out There!

The world is a funny place. You might be spreading the word of peace, tolerance, and kindness, but there’s a chance that others might not be so welcoming of your message. You have a message you want to spread, but you need to be safe in order t... Continue reading


You meet some people who share a common idea. You decide to band together to change the world. You take action. You get started. You meet. But people become disengaged. They loose interest. And before you know it, that in... Continue reading

Volunteerism and Activism Are Not Like Running A Business

Most companies have a mission: make money. I’ve started companies, worked at companies, and sold companies. And when working on a business, you need to make money, or the IRS calls it a hobby, and you need a day job. Companies have employees. N... Continue reading

After The Protest Fatigue

Something happens that you just can’t stand for. Neither can others. You hear about people gathering to let their opinions known. You join them. You take to the streets. You protest. And you go back again and again. Maybe you accomplish somethi... Continue reading

What Does Not On My Watch do for you organization

Not On My Watch. We provide a web platform to help you start an organization, get the word out about your events, and ultimately empower every group to bring about the changes in the world they believe in. You have an idea. You have a spark. We... Continue reading

How to get involved

Getting involved is not as hard as you think. What do you have a passion for? The environment, human rights, children, education? Here's a little inspiration... Continue reading