What Does Not On My Watch do for you organization

Not On My Watch. We provide a web platform to help you start an organization, get the word out about your events, and ultimately empower every group to bring about the changes in the world they believe in. You have an idea. You have a spark. We’ll help you ignite into action.


You need members. Members volunteer at events, members help spread the word, members help you grow your message, members rally to support your cause, and members help you get funding to keep your flame healthy. You can’t bring about change alone. Step 1: Make sure there are other like minded people and that you share a mission with those first members. Create a site and write it down.


Do you need to start a non-profit or can you just stay a loose collection of people that share a vision? What are some of the ways you can recruit new members? What happens when your message starts to get diluted? How can you raise funds? What kind of events do you want to have? How can you get the word out about an event? What kind of cadence will meetings and events have? You have an idea. We help put things into context so you can figure out what it means to start something, grow something, and sometimes share your success with the world! Step 2: Make sure that you and your members share the same values and vision for how to accomplish your mission. Document it into a cohesive yet succinct page.


Start a group, add a meet up in the the calendar. Get together, talk about what you want to accomplish, and inspire. Plan a rally, a call blitz, a letter writing campaign, a sit-in, or one of the nearly infinite possible ways you can bring your change about. Step 3: Do. Create events in the calendar. Tag the events so like-minded people can see what you’re doing and read what you’re about, and maybe join you in accomplishing your mission if there’s a shared belief.


Did your first event work? What was great? What wasn’t? Did you have an impact? Did enough people show up? Was it at the right place? Was there an appropriate level of media involvement? It’s time to communicate with your members, share in your successes, and call on them to stay engaged. Write a post on your page and tell the world how your event went. And if appropriate, spread the word to the media. Step 4: Iterate. Communicate and then in order to keep your flame burning strong, immediately start planning your next event.

And just like that, you’re setting the world on fire. We want to change the world as well. Our contribution is to help you. Because there are too many causes for us to be involved in all of them. But we can make you successful. That’s what happens on our watch.

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