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    Become an NOMW Ambassador

    Are you fired up? Are you seeing things happening in the world that you just can’t stand for? Do you want to make a difference? NotOnMyWatch is looking for volunteers! This includes people to help spread the word, people to act as ambassadors, donate their time, lend their skills to a cause, and bring a level of commitment to positive change in the world.

    You have a voice. You can make a difference. And by helping to make NotOnMyWatch a success, you can help a lot of different organizations. A few ways that you can get involved with NotOnMyWatch: 

    • Ambassadors: We need people who can bring NotOnMyWatch to organizations, help that fill out their online profile to be seen and supported. We need people to bring volunteers to join the movement. People who are connected to the pulse of thought leaders and volunteers. People who want to help organizations get from a great ideas to action as quickly as possible. We will train our ambassadors to help organizations get setup, get logged in, and start spreading the word about their cause immediately. Groups = Calendar events for those looking to take action. Volunteers power the groups, we need both. You be an ambassador from anywhere you are, call friends and have a phone bank, ignite! 
    • Web designers & Graphic artists: We give organizations a framework to start spreading the word. But branding is important. Building a community from a template is great, but to turn that into something more specific to each group makes it feel like home, helps make joining the group more accessible to everyone, and ultimately makes members feel great about the cause they’re supporting.
    • Lawyers: One of our goals is to reward organizations as they grow. This helps us have an impact on groups who are finding success. Success is going to mean attention and attention might meet with resistance. If you can provide assistance to help keep things that crop up from stopping the momentum a group has, or offer guidance, then your contribution in these later stages is critical!
    • Writers: We want to fill our blog and our forums with needed info from our eyes in ears in the world. Our site will need constant, fresh content in order to expand the reach, inform and call for more action for the cause.
    Become a volunteer

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