Thank you for your interest in VOLUNTEERING for NotOnMyWatch.Solutions 


Opportunities available to help focus and support our movement.

Group Support Specialists
Event Support  Specialists
Event Champions
Editor in Chief / Content managers
Community Outreach Volunteers
Page Editors
Social Media Specialists  and Team Members
Non-Profit Specialists
Legal Specialists, Lawyers
Volunteer Networking
Volunteer Outreach
Ambassador Outreach (Admin)
Non-Profit Outreach
Gov. Experience
Activist Experience

Please let us know what interests you and a little more information about you by answering the questions below.

Group Support  - Find groups, help them sign up, add their events to calendar, support their growth, (match our volunteers to their needs) introduce like groups in their area and nationally to facilitate nation wide activism, events, rallies and boycotts

Event Support - Research  and add new events like  marches, meetings and boycotts to calendar , find contact info on group and pass that info to group support  or find out host and contact them to let them know about NOMW

Event ambassadors -Community Outreach. Go to events, pass out info on NOMW, take pictures and video of events and post, Host sign making parties or other supportive actions around a given event.

Editor in Chief / Content Strategists - Will oversee the direction and choices for media feeds, bloggers, and chat forum. Find supportive materials or actions to get users using pages and over see page editors.

Page Editors-  Team to take on each individual page on NOMW , make sure page works and find out what is needed to make page better. Oversee Content.

  • Front Page
  • Blog
  • Speak Out
  • NOMWS News
  • Events
  • Group SignUp
  • Community Outreach - Members, Ambassadors, InItToWinInt
  • Put your money where your mouth is : Boycott/Support page
  • Social Media Pages

Social Media Director and Strategist - Oversee social media pages and create strategy for post thru the week and viral campaigns to support NOMW , our groups and events.

Writers - Facilitate conversations on chat/ forum, blog and write social media posts, find motivational quotes and contents to help us grow , our groups grow and help keep attention on upcoming events and their importance.

Non-Profit Expert - To help us and our groups grow with the knowledge to set them up for success. Look into supportive infrastructure for other groups.

Legal - Lawyers to help with contracts, advise  NOMW and groups on our site that need assistance to grow. Also to advise on legal ramifications of actions.

Volunteer Networking - Monitor our volunteers skills on their member page and help them attach to a need of NOMW and  our groups in need to help them grow.

Volunteer Outreach - Help find new volunteers to join NOMW with special skills, attend meetings. Join forums  to find needs of groups to help them grow.

Ambassador Outreach (Admin) - These are people needed in each state to serve as NOMW point of contact and support. They will monitor groups and events in their area. Oversee NOMW volunteers at the state level such as event and group volunteers.  Help facilitate nation wide events, rallies, marches and boycotts by contacting and supporting groups and NOMW members to participate.

Activist and Government Advisors - Advise NOMW , Groups and  Volunteers ast to how best to activate. Work with our writers and social media strategists to help the movement grow, and mobilize to have the maximum impact. People are constantly asking what can I do. Let’s tell them what works.


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